Leading Systems: Lessons from the Power Lab by Barry Oshry

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For over 35 years, Barry Oshry has uncovered core truths about how we operate in large organizations through The PowerLab, an educational program that has been called "The World Series of Leadership Development Activities." In LEADING SYSTEMS, Oshry reveals the lessons he has derived from his PowerLab experiences, lessons that have been central to his innovative insights about human systems and system leadership.

Challenging conventional thinking, Oshry reveals the limitations of consensus, the validity of unilateral action, and the restrictions that our values can place on power. He reveals how the problems we often believe to be personal are in fact systemic, and he demonstrates what it takes to break out and elevate ourselves and our systems to higher levels of possibility.



"LEADING SYSTEMS is the best book on systems living and action I HAVE EVER READ."
Peter Block Author of ‘Stewardship, The Empowered Manager,’ and ‘Flawless Consulting’

"Oshry has succeeded in bringing to life the emotional consequences of being in different positions of power within the social system. I found this an exciting and illuminating book. It is vivid and creative in its highly personal way, and its message is highly provocative. It should be read by all levels within an organization."     Edgar Schein, Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Oshry's work is amazing, like one of his Power Labs: energizing, riveting, intense, in-your-face, fascinating, exhausting, brilliant and innovative."
Warren Bennis, University Professor USC Marshall School of Business and Co-Author of ‘Co-Leaders’

"LEADING SYSTEMS gets to the dynamics of leadership and power relations more effectively than the usual jargon and rhetoric. People who read this book will see that they can avoid the pitfalls of system life and create healthy societies."
Betty Friedan Author, Lecturer, and Activist

LEADING SYSTEMS is a trip worth taking. Barry Oshry is a leader in getting to the core truths about how we operate in large organizations. His work is equally profound in explaining how we operate within society as a whole. He offers a clarity that rarely exists in any other setting."

Charles Tandy, Former Senior Vice President, Geisinger Health System

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