Context, Context, Context: How Our Blindness to Context Cripples Even the Smartest Organizations by Barry Oshry

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In CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT, Power+Systems pioneer Barry Oshry shows how context blindness paralyzes organizations - stalling change programs, undermining communication, sabotaging teamwork and entrenching unwanted and unhelpful divisions.

This book tells the tale of a single organization in its struggle to achieve excellence. The story illuminates for all of us the power that comes from transforming context-blindness into context-sight. It is a story with the potential to transform any organization - to bring us insight into who we are and what we will become in all the systems of our lives.


Barry Oshry has hit a home run with his informative, instructive, and inspiring book.”

Richard Streedain, Professor of Leadership Studies

National-Louis University

“A must read for everyone at all levels of any organization.”

Joanne DeStefano, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Cornell University

“A dialogue-driven, screenplay-like exploration of organization life. How refreshing and delightful! How powerful and needed!”

Kevan Gilbert, Director, Engagement Strategies

Domain 7

“Context, Context, Context is ‘the simplicity on the other side of complexity.’ Lucid and practical, the messages are universal, containing genuinely new wisdom.”

Benjamin Taylor, Chief Executive, Public Service Transformation Academy

Managing Partner, Red Quadrant